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Image of 130 Stock Photos

130 Stock Photos

This smorgasbord of over 130 unique photos spans a large variety of subjects. Each photo is baked fresh at high resolution and measures in at 2144x1424 pixels 300dpi . The photos come in a wide range of flavors and styles there are macros, nature, textures,...

Image of 180 Hand-Drawn Cuties

180 Hand-Drawn Cuties

On sale for $5 until March 10th New revamped design PNG file format! Well, hello there! What you're looking at here is 189 hand-drawn cuties. These itsy-beauties come hobbling up to hug your legs in Vector CS2 and up and EPS files. Like a playground at...

Image of 48 Handmade Stamp Brushes

48 Handmade Stamp Brushes

This is a collection of about 48 handmade stamp brushes for photoshop. Each stamp is scanned in at hi-resolution to provide print quality images. Included: ABR brush file for Photoshop PNG's of each stamp image A layered Photoshop document containing...