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Image of Aerial Type Family

Aerial Type Family

AERIAL is a rounded, geometric type family developed to support designers in many industries such as the editorial, fashion, entertainment, tech, gaming, esports, advertising and internet industries. AERIAL's rounded, bold lines mean form meets function,...

Image of Awestruck


AWESTRUCK is a versatile, Helvetica/Montserrat inspired type family ready to go to work for you in your designs! It can be lean or heavy, fancy or understated and will bring a certain fearlessness that other type faces won't. Originally designed as a...

Image of BL Logo Set

BL Logo Set

Set of 2 "BL" logos that can be used for hair & makeup / spa / beauty industry's OR any other project you see fit. Package includes - AI CS2 / EPS / SVG - Texture circles for optional logo placement Note that the mock-ups/ fonts used are for presentation...

Image of Carson


I wanted to relax a little with my type design and work on these sketches I'd been doing over and over for a few months. Out of those mindless sketches birthed Carson. If you want to personify Carson, he's a pretty cool kid of a typeface. Carson is created...

Image of Eagle Chevron Logo

Eagle Chevron Logo

Military styled Eagle chevron logo. Looks great on apparel for sports or military themes. Package includes: - AI - EPS - SVG - All files are CS5 compatible. Fonts used in display image: - Bebas - Triton:

Image of Executor Typeface

Executor Typeface

EXECUTOR is a tall, condensed, semi-slab serif available in 1 weight and italic. Built for large headlines, EXECUTOR features: - Lowercase - Alternate glyphs - Ligatures - Multi-language support Latin & some European EXECUTOR plays nice with editorial,...

Image of Form Family

Form Family

The FORM type family was originally developed to support the sports-minded designer. It's evolved into something larger and can now stand apart from the sports world, if necessary. Consider using FORM in branding for medical, retail, fashion, hair and...

Image of Gorilla Type Family

Gorilla Type Family

GORILLA is a geometric, display typeface developed to be utilized in various industries. Lending itself to sports, publishing, headlines, sci-fi, movies and much more, GORILLA will be a great addition to your font collection! Inspiration came from a cartoon...

Image of Hero Shield Logo

Hero Shield Logo

H Sword Shield logo icon. You could probably get away with a H T combo in there. Created in Adobe Illustrator Available as: - Adobe Illustrator CS5 - EPS Note that the mock ups & fonts are for presentation only.

Image of HYDJAKIDS Display Type

HYDJAKIDS Display Type

HYDJAKIDS think, "hide yo kids" is a typeface that was developed out of appreciation and love of sports ad campaigns that you'd see from Nike, Adidas or Under Armour. Definitely make HYDJAKIDS large in your projects for apparel, entertainment, magazine,...