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Image of Canda Typeface Sans & Script

Canda Typeface Sans & Script

CANDA TYPEFACE CANDA SCRIPT Canda Typeface is a rounded font . The name canda' came up from Indonesian's words that means joke'. It was inspired by the long fun process of this works, because I met several new friends that younger than me and their passion...

Image of December Typeface 70% Off

December Typeface 70% Off

December Typeface is a combination of script and sans serif font for display and bodytext in a medium size. The typeface inspired by the end of this year and i tried to celebrate with my melancholic feels. A romantic and compassion come by as the progress...

Image of Default Typeface 80s Style

Default Typeface 80s Style

Default Typeface is a modern sans serif font that I decided to represent by 80s style like in video game or vintage motion graphic. So functionally, the font can use for body text and display either with Regular or Alternates to make an unique title....

Image of Gulana Slab Serif

Gulana Slab Serif

Gulana Typeface is a modern slab serif-semibold for title for different media. The design prefers to use in many styles including insignia, comic, western etc. So, I presented the different styles including 3D, Deboss, and Distort for the vintage style....

Image of Hujan Typeface

Hujan Typeface

The HUJAN Typeface is a sans-serif that i created when long raining in my city. The romantic and beautiful feel create this theme. The shape is a clean with ynamic semi-bold stroke. The fonts language is Latin including Basic, Western, Central Euro, South...

Image of Mementomori Typeface

Mementomori Typeface

Mementomori Typeface is a modern blackletter font for display or medium look bodytext with a gothic theme. Inspired by heavy metal band, Black Sabbath & wrestling legend, The Phenom, Undertaker. I decided to combined the styles between gothic theme &...

Image of Tresno Typeface

Tresno Typeface

Tresno love ;Javanese Typeface is my first hand painted/script/display font that inspired by the feeling between lovely & passion to explore my works so far. It defined by the phrase in the picture "Witing Mulyo, Jalaran Wani Rekoso Javanese that means...