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Image of Agrus Font

Agrus Font

ALS Agrus was designed by Andrij Shevchenko and published by Art. Lebedev Studio. ALS Agrus contains 1 style.

Image of ALS Agrus Font

ALS Agrus Font

"Agrus" in Ukrainian means "gooseberry". The letters are rounded like the berries and the sharp end elements remind of the barbs.

Image of ALS Bingley Font

ALS Bingley Font

Bingley is a beautifully old-fashioned, proper, and full of class body typeface. The British feel of this face comes from its inspirational source—a tombstone script from Oxford. The characters are squat and nearly square in proportions, even cursive...

Image of ALS Dereza Font

ALS Dereza Font

Dereza is a grotesque typeface designed specially for display use in children’s books and magazines. Books for little ones are usually set in grotesques, and a vigorous font would make a nice addition to the main face. Playful and lively, Dereza...

Image of ALS Direct Font

ALS Direct Font

ALS Direct is an open and dynamic typeface with clear-cut letterforms that make it instantly readable. It lends text a neutral, yet agreeable and modern feel.

Image of ALS Dulsinea Font

ALS Dulsinea Font

Decorative font based on XIX century Cyrillic handwriting.

Image of ALS Ekibastuz Font

ALS Ekibastuz Font

ALS Ekibastuz is a contemporary urban-style typeface extremely suitable for periodicals and advertising. It has defined, open, clear-cut letterforms and modern proportions.

Image of ALS FinlandiaScript Font

ALS FinlandiaScript Font

Some 40 km north of Helsinki, surrounded by meadows and a serene Finnish lake, lies Ainola, the former home and now museum of composer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957). I know the place quite well, since it is only a stone’s throw away from the art school...

Image of ALS Fuchsia Font

ALS Fuchsia Font

Fuchsia is a soft, romantic, and slightly eclectic script. The characters feature wide proportions, high contrast, and backward bends at joints—all ensuring the

Image of ALS Gross Kunst Font

ALS Gross Kunst Font

Gross Kunst is a humanist sans-serif with an open aperture, sharp outlines, and eye-catching details that make this full of character typeface very recognizable.