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Image of Barkleigh Font 80s Retro 6 fonts

Barkleigh Font 80s Retro 6 fonts

B A R K L E I G H --- Barkleigh is a new font from us here at Badspark, and it was born out of a love for typefaces of the 80s. Things you'd see on a Stephen King novel, a cassette tape, or beat up VHS from Blockbuster. Though Barkleigh shares a lot in...

Image of Isolation Noir - Modern/Vintage

Isolation Noir - Modern/Vintage

Created during the isolation we all experienced in 2020, this font hopes to evoke a claustrophobic and aggressive font, evocative of the anxiety and isolation many struggles with. Strictly design-wise it is a condensed serif font with an elegant yet strong...

Image of Wilhelm Font & Space Vectors

Wilhelm Font & Space Vectors

W I L H E L M --- Wilhelm is a new font for a wide range of uses. From retro Soviet-style propaganda to a simple geometric yet aggressive logo, Wilhelm has got you covered. We hope you love it. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Wilhelm...