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Image of 13 Tree Logs

13 Tree Logs

13 Photorealistic Logs low-poly 3D models. Based on a real-world photoscanned objects. Sketchfab Preview: All models has at leas 5 LOD levels. Imported as models with LODs and each LOD imporned as a separate model. All LODs accurately made and can be...

Image of 2D Cowboy with 3 Weapons Pack

2D Cowboy with 3 Weapons Pack

2D Cowboy with 3 Weapons - Pistols, Shotgun and Winchester. Animated rendered into 2D images 3D character. 10 animations with variatios rendered from 8 angles. Animations: - stand - stand-n-shoot - walk - walk-n-shoot - walkback - walkback-n-shoot - strafe...

Image of Ancient roman greek vase with LODs

Ancient roman greek vase with LODs

Ancient Greek Roman Vase low-poly game-ready photorealistic 3D model. Low-poly real-time game engine asset. 4 LOD levels Lod0: - 5496 tris - 2746 verts 4096x4096 4K PBR textures - diffuse - specular - roughness - normal - height - occlusion - cavity

Image of Animated Chakras

Animated Chakras

This is a pack of animated chakras icons for your yoga app or an India themed game. All 7 chakras included, animated in several variations. 19 unique animations. Packed in POT and nonPOT spritesheets. - POT spritesheets are 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 pix...



Set of tiles and decals for your 2D game. Tiles are 270x270 pix, with and without alpha channels. Decals are from 80x100 to 300x300. 34 tiles itncluded.

Image of Buildings Pack

Buildings Pack

City Buildings Pack low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality VR , Augmented Reality AR , games and other real-time apps. This is all my building models collected in one pack. It is 11 kinds of buildings in different variations - 53 models in total....

Image of Dead Tree

Dead Tree

Photorealistic low-poly game-ready dead tree. Based on a photoscanned real-world object. Made for next-gen AAA games. - 5137 polys - 5137 tris - 2601 verts PBR 4096x2048 pix textures. - diffuse - specular - roughness - normal - height - cavity - occlusion

Image of Fantasy Stones

Fantasy Stones

This is a pack of photorealistic Fantasy Stones for your game or real-time application. Every model has a set of 6 LODs. Models imported with LODs. LOD group created. Also, separate LODs imported. 34 FBX models in total 4 stones 30 separate LODs PBR TEXTURES....

Image of Forest Elements

Forest Elements

20 objects. Based on photo scanned real-wold objects that were used as a reference. Scans remade into game-ready low-polys with PBR textures. ---

Image of Forge


2D Isometric Forge - 39 PNG isometric images 2 folders with color corrected images - Forge inside 2048x1024 - Forge infront 2048x1024 PNG PSD