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Image of Faustian


Faustian is a modern study and different take on classic historical black letter styles, geometric in its construction, giving a very modern clean look whilst its historical influences shine through. coming in 3 weights with a host of opentype features...

Image of Loopkin


Loopkin. A new display font from Ben Burford Fonts. A stylistic take on the classic modern serif fonts that have been a staple in high fashion publications for decades, A New Take on a Classic!! The opentype font comes with a full set of characters with...

Image of MB DECO


All Caps Art Deco font with alternate characters in Upper and Lower Case glyphs, some nice ligatures to create interesting letter sets. Great for Logotypes, Headlines, Straplines and smaller descriptive text to give that authentic Art Deco look and feel.

Image of MB Edwardsson

MB Edwardsson

A Hand Made hand painted font with over 100 ligatures to give the text a real free flowing and hand written feel. Great for wide range of applications and works best as upper and lowercase text in a range of sizes.

Image of MB Empire

MB Empire

MB Empire is a font that like MB vintage has its roots in early 20th century design, It has a distinctly english feel with its style references to the classic Gill Sans. It has a very traditional look whilst still maintaining its own modernist individuality....

Image of MB Narrow

MB Narrow

MB Narrow is a very compressed, modern geometric display font that comes in three weights. with it's full use of the 20 stylistic sets it gives the user a lot of scope to how it can look. without using the sets it has a very rounded and geometric look...

Image of MB Picture House

MB Picture House

Small caps art deco font inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and childhood trips to the Majestic Cinema. Two styles, each with three weights. Picture House One is sharp and crisp, Picture House Two has a slightly Out of Focus' look to it. Both come...

Image of Nuovo Deco

Nuovo Deco

Following from the continued popularity of the original MB Deco. Here is its new and improved big brother. Nuovo Deco comes in three weights, Light, Regular and Bold. A full character set of Caps and lower case letters, alternate characters plus, some...

Image of Stone Texture Pack

Stone Texture Pack

25 High Res Stone Textures All the backgrounds are 300 dpi and are sized at 3000 x 2100px They were taken by myself at a local churchyard Great for adding a nice tactile feel to any project, or use as overlays to give a dirty, grungy look.