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Image of American Gothic

American Gothic

American Gothic is a typeface inspired by old gothic letters but with a modern and geometric approach. - Single weight - Uppercase only - Special characters - Punctuation marks - OTF file

Image of Bulwark


Bulwark, a brand new hand-drawn blackletter typeface. - A-Z, a-z, 0-9, some special characters - Regular and Bold weights

Image of Death Spells

Death Spells

Death Spells is a display typeface inspired by death metal. Each characters comes with 3 additional alternatives to fulfill all your death metal type needs. Party on! - A-Z, "a-z" - Numbers - Some Special Characters - 3 Alternates Per Character

Image of Desperado


Gunslingin' mobsters love this font. You should be like them. Well, only in the sense of loving this font. - A-Z - Numbers - Some special characters

Image of Future Circus

Future Circus

Come one, come all! Feast your eyes on the Future Circus typeface...made by the freaks for the freaks. - A-Z - Numbers - 5 Weights

Image of Greenling


Styled after the monogram of the USS Greenling 213 emblem a submarine that my grandpa proudly served on , I created this typeface in honor of his long and wonderful life. - A-Z - Numbers - Regular and Rough weights

Image of Low Card

Low Card

Low Card is a hand crafted, moto inspired display typeface that comes in four styles. - A-Z - Numbers - Sans & Serif - Solid & Outline

Image of Rosa Muerta

Rosa Muerta

- A-Z - a-z - 0-9

Image of The Letter Evil

The Letter Evil

This ain't your grandma's font! - A-Z italic - a-z italic - Clean and Rough variations - No numerals or special characters - OTF file