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Image of Coronamatic 67

Coronamatic 67

NEW UPDATE! Completely redrawn characters in three weights with new multilingual support. PLUS! A new batch of illustrations you can use to make your own logos, hang tags, labels, etc. Also includes state seals that you can use to design your own stamps....

Image of Ebbets


Ebbets is a slightly condensed font inspired by vintage baseball tickets. It includes two separate font styles, solid Infield and outlined Outfield . Each font contains 602 characters with full Latin, Greek & Cyrillic support! --- TWO DISTINCT FONTS INCLUDED...

Image of Les liliacees Flowers

Les liliacees Flowers

My nostalgia meter goes through the roof when ever I see the flower illustrations of Pierre-Joseph Redout . This collection of 48 hi-res PNG transparent images were painstakingly crafted from Redout's original, "Les Liliaces," Paris, 1805-1816 . A note...

Image of State Seals & Stamps

State Seals & Stamps

CUSTOMIZABLE STATE SEALS! A nifty set of seals designed so that you can edit and customize till your heart's content. Includes brushes and the Coronomatic 67 Booked font. Check out the rest of the fonts from that family here. --- INCLUDES --- Adobe Illustrator...