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Image of BlackDog


BlackDog BlackDog is a fun hand drawn extruded typeface that includes 3 variations- Regular, Front and Back. Regular is just the outline, Back had the extrusion filled and Front has the front face filled. It has a nice cartoony feel and you can create...

Image of KillerAnts


KIllerAnts and KillerAnts Bold The ultimate grunge font. There are two versions of Killer Ants, regular and bold. Regular is a very cool cracked up looking font that will be great for all kinds of stuff. Bold is one of the most distressed fonts I've ever...

Image of Snoofer


Snoofer Snoofer is a modern font that works for both display and text. It comes in 4 weights Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic . TMI Snoofer was inspired by a character in stories my dad told me as a kid. Somehow they always ended with ... and they never...

Image of Truncheon


Truncheon Truncheon is a grunge font with hair on its chest. Like its namesake, it beats you over the head with enough attitude to make your head spin. It almost looks digital and bitmapped but it's definitely too unpredictable for that. It's an all-caps...

Image of Yaroslav


Yaroslav Yaroslav is a unique art deco style typeface. It is a all-caps font with some variation in the lower case of certain letters such as "o". It has an elegant simplicity and is great if you are looking for something different than your typical art...

Image of Zapped


Zapped Zapped is a unique grunge font that has a nice extruded feel with a strong outline to make it readable and total destruction inside. It was developed for some punk rock posters and has found it's way into lots of projects. It works great for contemporary...

Image of Z-Rex


Z-Rex Z-Rex is a bold distressed typeface that has been destroyed with an old 1980's copier. It was originally used on a punk rock poster, but works great for all kinds of things. I love using it in 3D too. Give it a try today! --- Included - Z-Rex TTF...