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Image of 9 basic polka dot patterns

9 basic polka dot patterns

Simple and straight forward set of various polka dot brushes. Comes in super handy from time to time

Image of Banner brush set for procreate

Banner brush set for procreate

Great set including basic banners all the way through ornate. Decorative and floral banners. Great set fir quick designing when the time to hand draw all elements just isnt there. Love this set. Lots of options and lots of detail.

Image of Film and photo brushes for Procreate

Film and photo brushes for Procreate

This set has over 50 assorted brushes and stamps with lots of awesome film related stamps and pattern brushes. Use film strip dividers, or polaroid stamps, and even distressed negatives as background pattern. This set is super cool, and looks great whether...

Image of Halloween mandala stamp brushes

Halloween mandala stamp brushes

These mandala stamp brushes are freaking adorable. Highly detailed designs. And a variety of options. I love halloween!

Image of My essentials texture/shader brushes

My essentials texture/shader brushes

For Procreate, My Essentials texture/shading brush set. My favorites and most frequently used, fine tuned over time. There isnt a brush in this set that i dont use at least weekly if not daily! Approximately 25 brushes in this set, very well designed...

Image of Pixel art! 100 brush set!

Pixel art! 100 brush set!

Huge set for all thing pixels! Shaders to patterns and some fun stamps added for ease of use. You will love these if pixel art is anything you love as much as i do! Sky is the limit!

Image of Pixels go Punk! 100 brushes!

Pixels go Punk! 100 brushes!

Pixels go Punk is an absolute must have for cyberpunk designs and beyond. This set has a grid that's so perfect set to 3 different scales that i use it on every design, that is in anyway precise or measured. And i mean down to the pixel perfect. I cannot...

Image of Pressure sensitive! half tones

Pressure sensitive! half tones

Finally a full set of half tones you can actually blend! I have yet to find a set like this, so many options with excellent flow. Omg this set makes such gorgeous shading! Im a sucker for a good half tone, and now i can blend them.... i am in love! I...

Image of Procreate brush set Papel picado

Procreate brush set Papel picado

I adore this set!over 50 brushes and stamps! Looks amazing especially when youre wanting something bold! Lots of great halloween elements in this set, some elements work for fiestas or cinco de mayo as well. Some tattoo styled stamp brushes as well. Few...

Image of Rad/Retro pattern brushes Procreate

Rad/Retro pattern brushes Procreate

12 totally rad and retro inspired pattern brushes for procreate. If you design linoleum tile circa 1973 this is for you! Or if you love a good unusual or previously unseen pattern. I love creating pattern Brushes and they look great, especially when layer...