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Image of Artist's Pastels for Procreate

Artist's Pastels for Procreate

Brand: Bardot Brush

If you are a fan of texture, color, blending and smudging, but perhaps not of messy fingers , you are going love Artist's Pastels for Procreate. This set includes 18 brushes designed to authentically emulate the look and experience of using art pastels. From the feel of creamy oil pastels to smudgy soft pastels, there is a wide range of brushes in various textures. These brushes are designed for a realistic painting workflow of laying down color, blending, then layering on more color and texture. This set also includes 5 high-resolution pastel papers and a Procreate color palette. Plus, you'll be confidently making pastel paintings in no time with the included 42-page in-depth user guide with step by step tutorial. Learn how to use Artist's Pastels with this real time, follow-along video tutorial: --- THIS SET INCLUDES: - 18 Procreate Brushes organized into 2 sets - 5 High-Resolution Pastel Papers - Procreate Pastel Color Palette - 42-page In-Depth User Guide PDF with step-by-step tutorial - Brush Reference Sheet PDF --- Artist's Pastels brush set This set contains pastel brushes in a variety of textures and consistencies. The brushes cover a range of pastel types: oil, soft, chalk, and more. There are different brushes for specific purposes, such as coloring in large areas and painting fine details. 1. Oil Pastel - A dense, thick, soft pastel with with a rough grain and a smooth, greasy consistency. Use for laying down thick, opaque areas of color. 2. Toothy Pastel - This pastel brush creates a grain akin to drawing on cold-press watercolor paper. Has a consistency similar to oil pastel. Useful for laying down areas of color. 3. Chalk Pastel - This pastel has a semi-rough texture with a scrubby, dusty quality, and a subtle oily feel. Useful for coloring, layering colors and creating expressive texture. 4. Softie Pastel - This brush produces a look similar to a pastel mark that has already been blended. Great for a softer look with an interesting texture. Use tilt to control how much pastel vs. blended marks are shown. 5. Extra Texture Pastel - Creates the effect of lightly drawing with pastel on textured paper. A slightly oily consistency creates a slight drag in pigment. Great for adding additional texture to flat or smooth areas of color. 6. Wide Side Toothy - Emulates using the edge, or wide side, of a pastel stick. Useful for coloring large areas. Creates a delicious toothy paper texture. 7. Wide Side Scumbly - Emulates using the edge, or wide side, of a pastel stick. Useful for coloring large areas and creating a highly textured surface. Produces an effect similar to the scumbling pastel technique used to add texture. 8. Pastel Pencil - The Pastel Pencil is my go-to for adding detail and line work with clean edges. Works great even at small sizes. Also a great brush for sketching. 9. Pastel Pencil - Toothy - A pastel pencil brush with loads of rough texture! Great for adding texture with precision. 10. Pastel Dust - For that authentic pastel look, this brush will add that signature colorful dust to your work. This brush will have slight color variance within the dust particles. Pastel Blenders brush set The Pastel Blenders are used to blend and smooth marks made by the Pastels. They come in two flavors: Smearing & Smudging. Smearing brushes are more wet and oily. Smudging brushes are more soft and dusty. 11. Oily Smear - The smudge-able, bendable, counterpart to the Oil Pastel brush.Blend marks and colors in a way similar to oil pastels.Use this brushes to blend colors into each other while maintaining a grainy appearance. Use pressure to control how much color is mixed in. 12. Toothy Smear - The smudge-able, bendable, counterpart to the Toothy Pastel brush.Blend marks and colors in a way similar to oil pastels. 13. Chalky Smear - The smudge-able, bendable, counterpart to the Chalk Pastel brush.Blend marks and colors in a way similar to chalk pastels. 14. Pastel Pencil Smear - This brush works in the same way as the other smearing brushes but is more suited for working at smaller sizes and blending finer details. Designed to work best with the Pastel Pencil. 15. Dusty Smudge - The Dusty Smudge brush produces the effect of smudging or blending soft, chalky pastels. Excellent for softening or blending large areas of color. Designed to blend fully using multiple passes. The result is lightly blended and soft with a subtle dust-like texture. 16. Finger Smudge - Finger Smudge was designed to emulate smudging areas of pastel with one's finger. To use, apply some color to the canvas with one of the pastel brushes, then use this brush with quick strokes to drag out color. 17. Streaky Smudge - Streaky Smudge is similar to the Finger Smudge brush, but creates thin, brush-like marks. Useful for creating soft, fur-like texture. 18. Petal Smudge - After laying down color with one of the pastel brushes, use this brush in quick, short strokes to Drag out petal-shaped smudges. Brushes have been optimized for use with

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