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Image of Cartoon Humans Creator Pack Brushes

Cartoon Humans Creator Pack Brushes

Brand: BeeJayDeL

Do you struggle with creating cartoon characters? Are you tired of looking around for reference images and just want to make SOMETHING? We've all been there as artistsyou stare at a blank canvas for what seems like hours. Waiting for inspiration. Waiting for the creative juices to start flowing. Waiting for somethingANYTHINGto happen! Well, if that sounds familiarI made this new Cartoon Human Creator Pack with you in mind! You get a total of 900 yes900 hand drawn brushes grouped by type heads, noses, eyes, ears, mouths, eyebrows, hair, head accessories, necks, tops, bottoms, arms/hands, hand accessories, feet/shoes, & word bubbles that will help to jump start your drawing process! Pick a head shape brush and touch the screenBOOM! Pick an ear brush and touch the screenBAM! Grab an eye brush and tap that display againPOW! You're on your way to creating an awesome cartoon character! It doesn't matter if you ONLY use the elements included or if you decide to add your own creative flair to the tools in this setyou are bound to make something AMAZING!!! Please note- these are stamp the video to see them in action! It really doesn't get easier than this! This pack is guaranteed to take the guess work out of making professional looking cartoon characters and boost your productivity! It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned artist or just starting out on your creative journeythere is something here to help everyone cut their drawing process in half! Designed with feedback from the community! I built this pack from the ground-up based on the feedback I received from my previous Cartoon Animal Creator Pack. The number one request was a pack to create peopleso here we are! Another thing users asked for was a way to create the same character in multiple positions. You'll get that with this pack! Many of the brush groups feature design elements in front-facing, 3/4, and profile viewsallowing you to make the same character from different angles! More than just your basic human body parts! Add some flair to your creations! I've also included head accessories such as hats, glasses, and facial hair to give you more options in creating unique characters! Hand accessories such as utensils, weapons, and sporting equipment can be paired with certain hand brushesgiving you the freedom to make characters capable of holding items! A total of 40 word bubbles opens up the ability to turn your creations into a comic strip! Share your creations as the next big webcomic or turn them into an illustrated children's book! Commercial Rights INCLUDED! This pack is also perfect for anyone who wants to quickly create artwork for resale. Need to make designs for stickers, print-on-demand products, coloring books, comic, stationery, invitations, or advertising? You get full commercial rights for anything you make with this download! Start earning todaythe possibilities are almost endless! You can't resell individual design elements from the pack ie- selling a bundle of just the word bubbles by themselves , but anything you make by combining or creating something unique from the included assets is covered! Don't have Procreate? Don't worryI've got you covered! In my previous set, I also included Photoshop brushes in addition to the Procreate ones. A repeated request I received from PS users was to make the design assets as custom shapes for Photoshop instead of brushesso that's what you get! All 900 elements saved as custom shapes in an easy-to-install .csh file all conveniently grouped to save you time in the creation process! You also receive all 900 design elements as .PNG files with transparent backgrounds! Training module included! With your purchase, you will also get a link to an exclusive, 1 hour long training video for advanced techniques! This private video will be a deep-dive covering how to get the most out of this pack! Need to see more? Check out a preview of this set on my YouTube channel: Included in this set: -900 Procreate Brushes: Heads: 60 Noses: 75 Eyes: 75 Ears: 40 Mouths: 60 Eyebrows: 50 Hair: 75 Head Accessories: 75 Necks: 20 Tops: 75 Bottoms: 60 Arms/Hands: 70 Hand Accessories: 60 Feet/Shoes: 60 Word Bubbles: 40 -900 Custom Shapes for Photoshop -900 .PNG files of each design element -Commercial Rights License no limits and no credit required -A link to a 1 hour long deep-dive, exclusive video walking you through the steps on how to make the most out of this set! File types included in this set: .BRUSHSET Procreate .CSH Custom Shapes for Photoshop .PNG Software compatibility: Procreate/ Adobe Photoshop CS6 and higher

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