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Image of Charlotte Script with 120 ligatures

Charlotte Script with 120 ligatures

Brand: Blessed Print

Charlotte script - new elegant, chic, contemporary handwritten font with more than 120 ligatures ready to add unique and blossom appearance to your designs. Bold and Thin versions with more then 40 under stroke swashes ! It is perfect for wedding designs, social media, blogging and much more. Have fun! HOW DOES IT WORK Absolutely easily! Just type your text and see how double letters are substituted with 120 ligatures Most of the applications are supporting ligatures by default. You do not need to have professional design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. If you are MS Word user it is still working. Be sure to activate ligatures and contextual alternates first. I have attached quick instructions into Help file . Watch the video here: 700 ALTERNATES and OPENTYPE features Each letter has at least 8 alternate options on your choice. Adobe users have access to each of it from Opentype panel and Glyphs panel. Simply use these Opentype combinations: Stylistic Alternates : substitutes any letter, number to alternated one Contextual Alternate : Automatically updates all first&last letters and adds unique complete appearance for any word. Imitates real calligrapher style when last letter is always a bit different from others. Standard ligatures : Charlotte script includes 120 alternates: Fr Ol Sh St Str Th Wh Al am an ar arr at-1 at-2 att att-2 ave bb br cc cl cl-2 cr ct ct-2 date dd dr ee ee-2 er er err es es-2 et ett ex ff fl fr fr gh ght gr gt gth ge her ht ie im ir ir is ist ist-2 it it-2 itt le ll ll-2 mm mr. mrs. ne nn nt ntr of off om om-2 on on-2 oo oor op opp or or-2 orr os ot ot-2 ott on ov ph pp pr qu rr rr-2 sh ss ss-2 st st str tha the the-2 the-3 the-3 tn tn-2 tt-1 tt-2 tt-3 tt-4 tt-5 ur ut-1 ut -2 utt-1 utt-2 wh-1 wh-2 whe whe-2 you zz And much more opentype combinations: Ligatures Alternates, Swashes, Swashes Alternates, Contextual alternates Stylistic alternates. Open Help.pdf file for more clarifications. Opentype features are very handy if you use previous Photoshop versions which do not support Glyphs panel. WHAT YOU GET 9 fonts TTF & OTF formats: - Charlotte Thin : Full set 700 glyphs with all alternates, multilingual glyphs, alternates and integrated opentype features. Thin version. - Charlotte Bold : Same amount of glyphs and options. The only difference is that this is bold version. - Charlotte Swashes : 40 under stroke swashes ready to add completed appearance for any composition. Character map is included. - Charlotte Thin Alternates : Alternate version for those users who prefer add alternates from different font. Also includes multilingual character, ligatures. - Charlotte Bold Alternates : Same as above, just bold version. - Charlotte Ligatures Thin One : All ligatures from Charlotte thin are placed into handy font. Open character map which is also included and simply type any letter to get required ligature. This option is handy for some applications that do not support opentype features. - Charlotte Ligatures Thin Two : Continuous of version one. - Charlotte Ligatures Bold One : Bold version of ligatures. - Charlotte Ligatures Bold Two : Continuous of above. - 40 pre-made texts saved in vector SVG format. This may by handy for adding catchwords into your design quickly. - Help file with most common questions and explanations how to use opentype features. It is very useful for non-experienced users. - Character map PDF documents with listed all glyphs, ligatures and swashes. Having opening these files during working progress may save your time on searching appropriate glyph. - Individual names Optional files for users which applications can't open font-families. - Charlotte Short version for PowerPoint users when application doesn't support opentype features. PUA encoded - All glyphs have their unique ASCII code, so you can easily copy/paste any character between applications. This option is required for Silhouette Cameo users. --- LANGUAGE SUPPORT Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch , English , Estonian, Filipino, French, German , Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian , Latvian, Lithuanian, Malagasy, Malay, Maltese, North Ndebele, Norwegian Bokml, Norwegian Nynorsk, Nyankole, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish , Swedish, Swiss German, Turkish, Turkmen and others... If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Follow me on CreativeMarket and subscribe to BlessedPrint newsletter: Feel free to like & share Charlotte script from BlessedPrint.

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