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Image of Craft Paper Lettering Display Mockup

Craft Paper Lettering Display Mockup

Brand: Abimatha

Hello there! Here I've released The Craft Paper Display Mockup Pack . It will make your work especially hand lettering or illustration with black or white colours looks better. You don't have to photograph your work to display it on your social media. It also allows you to capture the artwork details with natural paper texture. This mockup pack contains 10 PSD file with smart object. I provide 2 colours of paper inside, it's grey and brown craft paper, 4 Grey paper mockup 6 Brown Craft Paper mockup, so you can simply replace the default artwork with your own. In advance, I make the challenge with this mockup prise! Just make your own artwork using the photo mockup jpg , the link is on my story highlight. Post your own artwork using the hashtag letscreateyourownwork abimatha and write the caption about why you need this mockup. I'll pick 3 winners and I'll post it in the announcement post on the next week. This is a little fun competition, so I hope you guys to get involved! letscreateyourownwork TERMS OF USE Personal use included. Please contact me first for commercial use beyond social media. Abimatha Design remains the sole, exclusive holder of the copyright and owner for the image and you may not sell, transfer, lease, share, loan or give the image to a third-party to use in any way. The Copyrights are including the default artwork inside the PSD files . Thanks!

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