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Image of Daisy Rider Font

Daisy Rider Font

Brand: Blythe Green

Daisy Rider is a handcrafted, mixed-case, semi-script font with an authentic feel and lots of extras! It's perfect for: logos, branding, wedding invitations, business cards, greeting cards, posters, magazines, social media, planners, prints, and more.NOTE: Since this is a semi-script font, I programed Daisy Rider with many alternate characters and ligatures that ensure the characters work seamlessly together (unlike what you're seeing with the sample text on My Fonts). See the sample images for reference. Once you download the file, you can access these features through any Open Type program such as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Word, etc. FEATURES:60 ligatures to help make your type look as handwritten as possibleAlternate characters to give a unique touch to each wordMultilingual accents + characters

Price: 13.00 from MyFonts

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