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Easy Vintage Textures

Brand: BackYard Graphics Co.

30 Unique Drag 'n' Drop Texture Effects For Illustrator & Photoshop Looking to add that weathered feel to your type, logo or design? This package is for you! High quality vintage, quick and easy texture effects that only take seconds to implement. Simply drag 'n' drop or copy and past your artwork in to the folder and presto! Your artwork will have instant texture effects added. Super Effective, Super Easy & Super Quick! Add instant vintage classic grunge textures to your text, logo, illustration or design. Huge time saver with lots of texture choices to choose from. Light subtle textures or heavy grunge textures, you have choices with this package. Give your project that authentic weathered look. Make mockups for your boss more realistic. Have deadlines to make? Easy, the Drag 'n' Drop package will make quick work of any project in Illustrator or Photoshop. --- What's Included: - 30 Instant Illustrator Textures .ai file - 30 Instant Photoshop Textures .psd file 4032px x 3024px - Paper Texture Layer Included - 12 Water Stains and Drops Layers Included - 20 Additional Texture Overlays including torn edges, worn edges, folds, scratches and more. - 5 Page Getting Started/Pro-Tip guide --- What's Not included: - The graphic panels you see above the panels above do utilize the product to showcase what is available and how they can be used --- Adding additional textures and paper is as easy as turning on and off a light switch! Authenticity from images right from the backyard provide realistic textures. Additional textures, stains and drop add a sense of realism to a project. Turn on and off texture layers to mix and match texture effects for countless combinations. Satisfaction in minutes. Add this to your collection of design tools today and start giving your flat designs some character! --- Compatible with Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.

Price: 15.00 from Creative Market

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