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Brand: Andrewch

UTech is a set of curated screens, layout and styles that serves multiple start-up niches out of the box. With real business requirements in mind, everything is designed to serve the user the best way possible while saving the product team tons of time. Main start-up niches include: Finance Education Food Media Commerce Fitness Furthermore, it doesn't stop there; there's a big pack of general screens like feed, profile, welcome, onboarding - the list goes on. Everything is exclusively made in Sketch. --- Business requirements: UTech includes all the major tech start-up niches, like FinTech, EdTech etc. Every tech start-up niche screen is built with real business requirements in mind. That way, everything is as close to reality as possible requiring minimal changes in order to ship your MVP. The list will be updated regularly updates are for free! - and you can always reach out for custom requests, feature requests or any other inquiry. --- Styleguide: There is a powerful symbols library - and it's behind everything you see. It contains everything, from navigation to typography integrated into exhaustive text-styles. More specifically, every screen contains: Symbol components Symbol overrides Text-styled typography --- Interaction Examples: Last but not least, you get animations for hand-picked screens to demonstrate the experience. Everything is made in After Effects and source files are included in the download. The list is growing, and you can preview it here:

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